PMD_Operator_1DD - A method to handel the user provided local operator matrix shape.


CALL PMD_Operator_1DD(Comm=comm, Dense=Ge,Operator=Op)

CALL PMD_Operator_1DD(Comm=comm, Low=L, Main=D, Upper=U,Operator=Op)


<IN>  comm     : PMD handel of type PMD_Comm_1D or PMD_Comm_2D.
<IN>  Ge       : REAL(Kind=R8 or R4) rank 2 array.
                 A general dense matrix corresponding to the local operator matrix.
<IN>  L, D, U  : REAL(Kind=R8 or R4) rank 1 or 2 array.
                 Usefull when the local operator matrix is tridiagonal. In this case, 
                 the Lower, the Main and the Upper diagonals have to be provided.
<OUT> Op       : PMD handel of type PMD_R4_Ge_Operator or PMD_R8_Ge_Operator
                 if a general dense local operator matrix has to be passed,
                 or of type PMD_R4_Tr_Operator or PMD_R8_Tr_Operator
                 if a tridiagonal local operator matrix has to be passed.
                 Returns a handel which point to the user provided local
                 operator matrix shape.


     USE PMD
     include 'mpif.h'
     INTEGER, PARAMETER              :: Nx=21, Ny=51
     TYPE(PMD_Comm_2D)               :: comm
     TYPE(PMD_R8_Ge_Operator)        :: Op
     REAL(kind=R8), DIMENSION(Nx,Ny) :: Ge
     CALL MPI_INIT( Info )
     CALL PMD_Init_1DD( MPI_COMM_WORLD, comm )

     Ge(:,:) = ...
     CALL PMD_Operator_1DD( comm, Dense=Ge, Operator=Op )


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