PMD_Schur_Factor_1DD - Factors the Schur matrix.


CALL PMD_Schur_Factor_1DD(Comm=comm, Schur=schur, Factor=factor)


<IN>  comm   : PMD handel of type PMD_Comm_1D or PMD_Comm_2D.
<IN>  schur  : Schur handel of type PMD_R4_Schur or PMD_R8_Schur.
<OUT> factor : Factorization handel, up to now, of type one of the following :
               PMD_R4_GELU or PMD_R8_GELU  to perform parallel GEneral operator LU factorization ;
               PMD_R4_SYCH or PMD_R8_SYCH  to perform parallel SYmmetric operator CHolesky factorization.


     USE PMD
     TYPE(PMD_Comm_2D)  :: comm
     TYPE(PMD_R8_Schur) :: schur
     TYPE(PMD_R8_GELU)  :: LU
     CALL PMD_Schur_1DD( comm, ..., ..., ..., Schur=schur )
     CALL PMD_Schur_Factor_1DD( comm, Schur=schur, Factor=LU )


PMD_Schur_Factor_1DD uses BLACS routines to redistribute the Schur matrix and ScaLAPACK routines to perform the factorization. The Schur matrix is block-distributed. These blocks are of equal size and shape. The redistribution is performed on a BLACS 2D square process grid of shape (Np,Np). Consequently, the total process number must be equal Np**2.


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