PMD_Schur_Info_1DD - Returns the dimensions and (if required) the content of the local Schur matrix block.


CALL PMD_Schur_Info_1DD( Comm=comm, Schur=schur, Dims=dims[, Array=SchurMatrix] )


<IN>  comm        : PMD handel of type PMD_Comm_1D or PMD_Comm_2D.
<IN>  schur       : PMD Schur handel of type PMD_R8_1DD or PMD_R4_Schur.
<OUT> dims        : INTEGER rank 1 array POINTER. Returns the dimensions
                    of the Schur matrix section.
<OUT> SchurMatrix : OPTIONAL parameter. (if specified) REAL(kind=R8 or R4)
                    rank 1 or 2 array POINTER. Returns the content of the local
                    Schur matrix section of the calling process.


     USE PMD
     INCLUDE "mpif.h"
     TYPE(PMD_Comm_2D)                      :: comm
     TYPE(PMD_R8_Schur)                     :: schur
     INTEGER, POINTER, DIMENSION(:)         :: dims
     Real(kind=R8), POINTER, DIMENSION(:,:) :: SchurMatrix
     INTEGER                                :: Info
     CALL MPI_INIT( Info )
     CALL PMD_Init_1DD( MPI_COMM_WORLD, comm )
     CALL PMD_Schur_1DD( comm, ..., ..., ..., schur )
     CALL PMD_Schur_Info_1DD( comm, schur, dims, SchurMatrix )
     PRINT *,"My Schur matrix section: ",SchurMatrix(1:dims(1),1:dims(2))


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