CT 6 : informatique, algorithmique et mathématiques

Liste des publications des résultats scientifiques obtenus grâce aux moyens informatiques de l'IDRIS depuis janvier 2002.

Année 2009

  • M. MAZARS The Chiral Dipolar hard sphere model Molecular Physics, vol. 107 pp.467-486 (2009) - Projet IDRIS 062104

Année 2008

  • C. ALVAREZ, M. MAZARS et J.-J WEIS Structure and thermodynamics of a ferrofluid bilayer Physical Review E, 77,051501 (2008) - Projet IDRIS 062104

  • M. MAZARS Bond orientational order parameters in the crystalline phases of the classical Yukawa-Wigner bilayers EPL, 84, 55002 (2008) - Projet IDRIS 062104

Année 2006

  • S. CHIESA, D.M. CEPERLEY, R.M. MARTIN AND M. HOLZMANN Finite Size Error in Many-body Simulations with Long-Range Interactions Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 076404 (2006) - Projet IDRIS 061801
  • M. HOLZMANN, B. BERNU AND D.M. CEPERLEY Many-body wavefunctions for normal liquid He3 Phys. Rev. B 74, 104510 (2006) - Projet IDRIS 061801
  • P. R. AMESTOY, A. GUERMOUCHE, J.-Y L'EXCELLENT and S. PRALET Hybrid scheduling for the parallel solution of linear systems Parallel Computing 32(2): pages 136-156 (2006) - Projet IDRIS 061455
  • E. AGULLO, A. GUERMOUCHE and J.-Y L'EXCELLENT A Preliminary Out-of-core Extension of a Parallel Multifrontal Solver Proceedings of EuroPar'06 Parallel Processing (2006) - Projet IDRIS 061455

Année 2005

  • A.GUERMOUCHE and J.-Y L'EXCELLENT A Study of Various Load Information Exchange Mechanisms for a Distributed Application using Dynamic Scheduling 19th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS'05) – 8 pages (2005) - Projet IDRIS 051455
  • R. LAZAUSKAS, J. CARBONELL, A. C. FONSECA, M. VVIANI, M. KIEVSKY Low energy $n-nuc{3}{H}$ scattering : A novel testground for nuclear interactions Physical Review C 71 (2005) 034004 - Projet IDRIS 960828

  • R. LAZAUSKAS, J. CARBONELL Three-neutron resonance trajectories for realistic interaction models a paraitre dans Phys. Rev. C (2005) - Projet IDRIS 960828

Année 2004

  • A. GUERMOUCHE and J.-Y. L'EXCELLENT Memory-based scheduling for a Parallel Multifrontal Solver 18th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS'04) (2004) - Projet IDRIS 041455
  • R. ASSRAF, P. AZARIA, E. BOULAT, M.CAFFAREL AND Ph. LECHEMINANT Dynamical Symmetry Enlargement versus Spin-Charge Decoupling in the one-dimensional SU(4) Hubbard Model Phys. Rev. Lett. vol. 93 p. 016407 (2004) - Projet IDRIS 031651
  • R. LAZAUSKAS, J. CARBONELL Ab-initio calculations of four-nucleon elastic scattering ew-Body Systems 34 (2004) 105-111 (2004) - Projet IDRIS 960828
  • R. LAZAUSKAS, J. CARBONELL Testing non-local nucleon-nucleon interactions in the four-nucleon systems Physical Review C 70 (2004) 044002 - Projet IDRIS 960828
  • V. A. KARMANOV, J. CARBONELL Critical stability of three-body relativistic bound states with zero-range interaction Few-Body Systems 34 (2004) 85-90 - Projet IDRIS 960828
  • Yu. VORONIN, J. CARBONELL Hydrogen-antihydrogen atomic interaction at subKelvin temperatures Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 214 (2004) 139-143 - Projet IDRIS 960828

Année 2003

  • P.-F. LAVALLÉE, M. SADKANE Computation of pseudospectra by spectral dichotomy methods in a parallel environment Numerical Algorithms 33: 343-355, (2003) - Projet IDRIS 011263
  • V.A. YEROKHIN, P. INDELICATO, V.M. SHABAEV Two-loop self-energy correction in high-Z hydrogen-like ions Physical Review Letters. 91 073001 (2003) - Projet IDRIS 032357
  • V.A. YEROKHIN, P. INDELICATO, V.M. SHABAEV Evaluation of the two-loop self-energy correction to the ground state energy of H-like ions to all orders in Za. European Physical Journal D. 25 203-238 (2003) - Projet IDRIS 032357
  • E.-O. LE BIGOT, U.D. JENTSCHURA, P.J. MOHR, P. INDELICATO, G. SOFF Perturbation approach to the self-energy of non-S hydrogenic states Physical Review A. 68 042101 (17) (2003) - Projet IDRIS 032357
  • D. DELANDE, J. ZAKRZEWSKI A realistic example of chaotic tunneling: The hydrogen atom in parallel static electric and magnetic fields Physical Review A, in press (2003) - Projet IDRIS 940246
  • G. LABEYRIE, E. VAUJOUR, C.A. MUELLER, D. DELANDE, D. WILKOWSKI, C. MINIATURA, R. KAISER Slow diffusion of light in a cold atomic cloud Physical Review Letters, in press (2003) - Projet IDRIS 940246
  • D. WILKOWSKI, Y. BIDEL, T. CHANELIERE, D. DELANDE, T. JONCKHEERE, B. KLAPPAUF, G. LABEYRIE, C. MINIATURA, C.A. MUELLER, O. SIGWARTH, R. KAISER Coherent backscattering of light by resonant atomic dipole transitions JOSA B, in press (2003) - Projet IDRIS 940246
  • P. SZRIFTGISER, H. LIGNIER, J. RINGOT, J.-C. GARREAU, D. DELANDE Experimental study of quantum chaos with cold atoms Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 8, 301 (2003) - Projet IDRIS 940246
  • G. LABEYRIE, D. DELANDE, C. MINIATURA, C.A. MUELLER, R. KAISER Coherent backscattering of light by cold atoms: theory meets experiment Europhysics Letters, 61, 327 (2003) - Projet IDRIS 940246
  • G. LABEYRIE, D. DELANDE, C. MINIATURA, C.A. MUELLER, R. KAISER Coherent backscattering of light by an inhomogeneous cloud of cold atoms Phys. Rev. A 67, 033814 (2003) - Projet IDRIS 940246
  • J. CARBONELL, R. LAZAUSKAS, D. DELANDE, L. HILICO, S. KILIC A new vibrational level of the H2+ molecular ion Europhysics Letters, 64, 316 (2003) - Projet IDRIS 940246
  • L. S. TUCKERMAN, C. HUEPE, M. E. BRACHET Numerical methods for bifurcation problems in Instabilities and non-equilibrium structures VII, ed. by S. Rica & E. Tirapegui, Kluwer Academic Publishers (a paraitre) - Projet IDRIS 030283
  • C. HUEPE, L. S. TUCKERMAN, S. METENS, M. E. BRACHET Stability and Decay Rates of Non-Isotropic Attractive Bose-Einstein Condensates Phys. Rev. A 68, 023609 (2003) - Projet IDRIS 030283
  • M. ABID, C. HUEPE, S. METENS, C. NORE, C. T. PHAM L. S. TUCKERMAN, M. E. BRACHET Gross-Pitaevskii Dynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensates and Superfluid Turbulence Fluid Dyn. Res. 33, 509-544 (2003) - Projet 030283
  • N. LAFLORENCIE, D. POILBLANC Doped coupled frustrated spin-1/2 chains with four-spin exchange Physical Review Letters, 90, 157202 (2003) - Projet IDRIS 03225
  • H. ALIAGA, D. MAGNOUX, A. MOREO, D. POILBLANC, S. YUNOKI, E. DAGOTTO Theoretical Study of Half-Doped Models for Manganites: Fragility of the CE Phase with Disorder, Two Types of Colossal Magnetoresistances, and Charge-Ordered States for Electron-Doped Materials Physical Review B, 68, 104405 (2003) - Projet IDRIS 03225
  • E. ORIGNAC, D.POILBLANC Superconducting fluctuations in the Luther-Emery liquid Physical Review B, 68, 052504 (2003) - Projet IDRIS 030225
  • D. POILBLANC, D. J. SCALAPINO, S. CAPPONI Superconducting gap in a two-leg tJ ladder Physical Review Letters, 91, 137203 (2003) - Projet IDRIS 030225
  • J. CARBONELL, V. A. KARMANOV Three-boson relativistic bound states with zero-range two-body interaction Physical Review C 67 (2003) 037001 - Projet IDRIS 960828

Année 2002

  • G. LABEYRIE, C. MINIATURA, C.A. MUELLER, O. SIGWARTH, D. DELANDE, R. KAISER Hanle effect in coherent backscattering Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 163901 (2002) - Projet IDRIS 940246
  • Y. BIDEL, B. KLAPPAUF, J.C. BERNARD, D. DELANDE, G. LABEYRIE, C. MINIATURA, D. WILKOWSKI, R. KAISER Coherent light transport in a cold Strontium cloud Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 203902 (2002) - Projet IDRIS 940246
  • P. SZRIFTGISER, J. RINGOT, D. DELANDE, J.-C. GARREAU Observation of sub-Fourier resonances in a quantum chaotic system Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 224101 (2002) - Projet IDRIS 940246
  • S. CAPPONI, D. POILBLANC Charge density correlations in t-J ladders investigated by the contractor-renormalization method Physical Review B, 66, 180503(R) (2002) - Projet IDRIS 03225