Ada, Adapp : The NCO operators


NCO (NetCDF Operator) is a group of tools called operators which are applied to files in NetCDF format. These operators are the following:

ncap     ncatted     ncdiff     ncecat     ncks     ncra     ncrename
ncap2    ncbo        ncea       ncflint    ncpdq    ncrcat   ncwa

Installed versions

  • nco 4.4.2, 4.3.0 and 4.2.3 with the support of GSL and Antlr 2.7.7.


The different versions are accessed through the module command.

To add the Path to your environment (nco version 4.4.2 by default):

ada : module load nco
(load) nco version 4.4.2

To access a different version, example:

ada : module load nco/4.3.0
(load) nco version 4.3.0


There is a man available for each operator.

Documentation is available on the NCO Web site NCO.