Ada : Introduction

Ada is the IDRIS computer with the most wide-ranging usage. It is composed of large memory SMP nodes (IBM x3750-M4) interconnected by a high-speed InfiniBand network.

Hardware characteristics of Ada :

  • 332 x3750-M4 compute nodes, a quadri-socket node of 4 Intel Sandy Bridge E5-4650 8-core processors at 2.7 GHz, with 32 cores per node
    • 304 nodes with 128 GiB of memory (4 GiB/core)
    • 28 nodes with 256 GiB of memory (8 GiB/core)
  • Cumulated peak performance of 233 Tflop/s
  • InfiniBand FDR10 Mellanox network (2 links per node)
  • GPFS parallel file system (WORKDIR) shared by Ada, Adapp and Turing, with a bandwidth of 50 GiB/s in write and in read.

A large variety of codes can be run on Ada, including those requiring a large amount of memory, whether sequential application, multithreaded codes (OpenMP), or codes (MPI or hybrid) having an average degree of parallelism (from hundreds to a few thousand execution cores). In usage, the resources are accessible for up to 2048 execution cores. You may consult the interactive and batch class limits for Ada at class structures.

For more details concerning the available software or librairies, the architecture or the usage of this machine's resources, see here.