Ada: Safe file transfers with the Ergon archive server

The mfget and mfput commands were developed by IDRIS to secure the transfers between the IDRIS compute machines and the Ergon archive server and to optimise the transfer speed.

mfget - File transfer from Ergon to Ada

Syntax of the mfget command:

  • mfget [-v] name_file
  • mfget [-v] name_file_ergon name_file_ada
  • mfget [-v] name_file_ergon1 name_file_ergon2 [name_file_ergon3 …] directory_ada


  • name_file, name_file_ergon, name_file_ergon1 name_file_ergon2, name_file_ergon3:  names of the distant files on Ergon
  • name_file_ada:  name of the local file on Ada
  • directory_ada:  name of the local directory on Ada

Example:  To copy the file fich_ergon which is on the HOME of Ergon (under the name fich_ada) into the Ada directory $TMPDIR (under the name fich_ada):

$ mfget fich_ergon $TMPDIR/fich_ada

mfput - File transfer from Ada to Ergon

Syntax of the mfput command:

  • mfput [-v] name_file
  • mfput [-v] name_file_ada name_file_ergon
  • mfput [-v] name_file_ada1 name_file_ada2 [name_file_ada3?] directory_ergon


  • name_file, name_file_ada, name_file_ada1, name_file_ada2, name_file_ada3 :  name of local files on ada
  • name_file_ergon:  name of the distant file on Ergon
  • directory_ergon:  name of the distant directory on Ergon

Comment: The HOME space of Ada is named differently than that of Ergon.  Therefore, you must be careful NOT to encode in the following ways:

$ mfget $HOME/rep/fich_ergon


$ mfput fich_source $HOME/rep/fich_cible

Rather, you should encode as follows:

$ mfget rep/fich_ergon
$ mfput fich_source rep/fich_cible

For more information about the options or other functions of these commands, we advise you to consult the manuals about the Ada machine.