Adapp: CDAT


CDAT (Climate Data Analysis Tools) is developed at the PCMDI (USA) by climate scientists for data analysis (IPCC, AMIP, etc.). It was developed in Python.

CDAT contains the following subsystems:

  • cdms : I/Os (grads/netCDF → netCDF), grid and time managements, DODS support, file aggregation via XM descriptors
  • Numeric : mathematical library and matrix calculation in table syntax, management of masked data
  • scypy, cdutil, cdtime, xmgrace, etc.
  • vcs : graphical data output on type v grids (time, level, latitude, longitude)
  • cdatdemo : demonstration of CDAT functionalities
  • pyfort : integration of Fortran procedures in Python
  • vcdat : interface of graphical visualization and file manipulation (NetCDF, HDF, etc.)

Version installed

  • CDAT 5.2.0


  • The installed version(s) may be accessed through the module command.
  module load cdat
  (load) cdat version 5.2.0