Ergon: The disk space quotas, the quota_u command

The general principle of the disk space quotas is explained here. The specifics of the Ergon quotas are given below.

On Ergon :

  • The $HOME storage space is submitted to a group quota both in the number of files (15000) and in the volume: 1 TiB (1.1 TB).
  • There is a “grace period” of up to 14 days maximum for the group to return within the quota limits; the number of days depends on the extent you have surpassed the quota.
  • It is possible on Ergon to exceed the quota by a small amount in order to prevent blocking an mfput command from a run on a computing machine, but only during the grace period.

The quota_u command

  • The Ergon quota_u command allows you to obtain the current disk space consumption of your group (in number of inodes and in volume) as well the quota limits for both.
  • If a quota has been surpassed, the grace period (in number of days) is indicated in the Timeleft column.
  • The Ergon quota_u command is based on the du (disk usage) Unix command used with the --apparent-size option in order to take into account the files migrated to tape.