Ergon: The disk space quotas, the quota_u command

The general principle of the disk space quotas is explained here. The specifics of the Ergon quotas are given below.

On Ergon :

  • The $HOME storage space is submitted to a group quota both in the number of files (15000) and in the volume: 1 TiB (1.1 TB), by default.
  • There is a “grace period” of up to 14 days maximum for the group to return within the quota limits; the number of days depends on the extent you have surpassed the quota.
  • It is possible on Ergon to exceed the quota by a small amount in order to prevent blocking an mfput command from a run on a computing machine, but only during the grace period.

The quota_u command

  • The Ergon quota_u command allows you to obtain the current disk space consumption of your group (in number of inodes and in volume) as well the quota limits for both. It is not updated in real time but is updated three times per day.
  • If a quota has been surpassed, the grace period (in number of days) is indicated in the Timeleft column.
  • The Ergon quota_u command is based on the du (disk usage) Unix command used with the --apparent-size option in order to take into account the files migrated to tapes (and, therefore, not present on disk).