Ergon: The HOME disk space


The Ergon HOME space is intended for storing data files. It consists of a hard disk cache with progressive migration of files onto tapes. These files have a lifespan of one year after their creation date or their last access date.

  • This is a permanent space; the maximum size of a file is 500 GB.
  • It is directly accessible via ssh. It is also accessible from the compute machines by using the ''mfget/mfput'' commands, and from the pre/post-processing machine Adapp via the $ARCHIVE environment variable.
  • It is subject to group quotas (limiting both the disk space and the number of files, per group). These quotas may be consulted by using the IDRIS command quota_u.
  • The du (disk usage) Unix command on Ergon needs to be used with the --apparent-size option in order to take into account the size of the files migrated to tapes.
  • The Ergon HOME space is not backed up. However, it is possible to use the mfdupli command to duplicate files with the assurance that the copies will be migrated to distinct tapes. The copies are then contained in the DUPLI subdirectory of your Ergon HOME.