Ergon: The HOME disk space


The HOME directory is meant for the long-term storage of data files. These files have a lifespan of one year (either a year after their creation date in HOME or their last access date). Technically, the HOME filesystem corresponds to a hard drive cache and a tape library infrastructure where files are progressively migrated to tapes.

  • This is a permanent space; maximum file size is 500 GB.
  • This file system is directly accessible via ssh. It is also accessible from the compute machines via the ''mfget/mfput'' commands and from the pre/post-processing machine Adapp via the $ARCHIVE environment variable.
  • It is subject to group quotas (limiting both the disk space and the number of files for the group). The IDRIS command quota_u allows consulting these quotas.
  • When using the du (disk usage) unix command on Ergon, you must also use the --apparent-size option to take into account the files migrated to tape.
  • The HOME space is not backed up. However, you may use the ''mfdupli'' command to duplicate a file with the assurance that the two copies will be migrated to two different tapes (the file copy is visible in the DUPLI directory).