Ergon: Introduction

Ergon is the archive server at IDRIS. It is a hierarchical backup system: file storage on disk (2 PB) followed by automatic migration to tapes (10 PB), archiving data for the medium and long term throughout the duration of a project.

Ergon is an IBM solution composed of 13 servers including:

  • 3 front-ends, each with 2 processors (Intel Xeon E5-2650) ⇒ 16 cores @2.6 GHz and 128 GB of memory.
  • 6 GPFS file servers (4 data servers and 2 metadata servers) associated with 2 GSS26 disk enclosures with a bandwidth of 12 GB/s and a total available capacity of 2 PB.
  • 2 TSM HSM servers to manage the robotics and migration of files to tapes.

Storage: The StorageTek SL8500 robot is equipped with 16 readers and contains 6500 tapes, offering a capacity of 10 PB. The maximum capacity of the robot is 10,000 tapes.

For more information concerning the architecture and utilisation of the Ergon resources, see here.