Ergon: Hardware and software descriptions

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 Ergon - Solution IBM

Hardware description

IBM solution comprised of 13 servers including:

  • 3 front-ends, each with 2 processors ⇒ 16 cores, 2.6 GHz and 128 GB of memory.
  • 6 GPFS file servers (4 data servers and 2 metadata servers) associated with 2 GSS26 disk enclosures having a bandwidth of 12 GB/s and a total available capacity of 2 PB .
  • 2 TSM HSM servers to manage the robotics and file migration to tapes.

Storage :

  • A StorageTek SL8500 robot: By the end of 2014, this system will be equipped with 16 readers. It presently contains 6300 tapes with a capacity of 10 PB; the maximum capacity is 10,000 tapes.

Software description

  • Operating system: RHEL 6
  • File system: GPFS (General Parallel File System)
  • HSM (Hierarchical Storage Manager): IBM's TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager)
  • User environment
    • Shell: bash
    • No pre/post-processing tool will be available on Ergon.
  • The following commands are available both on Ergon and Adapp (but using Adapp is advised) :
    • Management of file expiration dates: mfret
    • File duplication: dupli
    • DODS server