Ada,Turing : Bonus jobs

IDRIS has established “bonus jobs” to favour optimal utilisation of the supercomputers. For optimal computer utilisation, it is necessary for project hours to be consumed on a regular basis. When this is not the case, a fraction of the available cycles is left vacant unless a temporary over-consumption by certain projects compensates, at the same time, for an under-consumption by others.

To optimize utilisation, IDRIS has therefore put in place a procedure called “bonus jobs” allowing users to run additional (bonus) jobs during computer low-load periods which will not be deducted from their DARI allocations. It is important to note that this procedure complements, but does not replace, the “supplementary hours” procedure which is available for projects which have finished their current hours allocation in advance of the next DARI session.

Depending on resource availability, waiting bonus jobs will be activated automatically during computer low-load periods. In this context, of course, it is not possible for execution time guarantees to be given.

To submit bonus jobs, you just have to add the following keyword to your submission scripts (before # @ queue):

           # @ account_no = bonus 

Specific characteristics of bonus jobs:

  • Not deducted from the DARI hours allocated to the project.
  • Subject to a special accounting which is separate from the usual DARI accounting but can be viewed in the usual way (via the cpt command).
  • Executed when the concerned machine is in a low-load period and via specific batch classes for parallel bonus jobs.
  • Limited to a maximum of 512 cores on Ada and 512 compute nodes on Turing.
  • Limited to a maximum elapsed time of 20 hours.
  • Non-reimbursable in case of any problem on the compute nodes.


  • Note that bonus hours are not possible with Preparatory Access projects.
  • We recommend that you do NOT submit bonus jobs if your project is under-consuming its DARI hours. You would risk losing DARI hours during the monthly regulation procedure as bonus jobs are not included in the DARI accounting.
  • If your project reached its DARI hours limit, all the group accounts are forbidden to submit new jobs : the bonus hours are not usable any more.