Ouessant: PGI compiler

Using the PGI compilers requires using the Module command:

$ module load pgi

The language determines the compiler to be used:

Language Compilers
Fortran pgfortran pgf90
C pgcc
C++ pgc++

MPI compiler

The Spectrum MPI library is the preferred MPI library to use on Ouessant and is available with the Module command:

$ module load pgi smpi
Language Compilers
Fortran Fortran 77, fixed format

Fortran 90, free format

C mpicc
C++ mpiCC, mpic++

Compilation options

Options Effects
-mp OpenMP support
-g Adds information for debugging
-fast Advised option
-O0 No optimisation
-acc -ta:tesla:cuda8.0 OpenACC support
-acc -ta=tesla:cuda8.0,managed OpenACC support with shared memory