In light of the rapid evolution of the HPC and the technological breakthroughs relative to the future exaflopic architectures, GENCI, the CEA, the CNRS, INRIA and the French universities have decided to collaborate in a «technology watch group» which aims at making better use of their collective experience in this domaine.

After an initial analysis, two high potential innovative architectures were selected for an extended study via the acquisition of prototypes:

  • The first one, Ouessant, is based on the OpenPOWER architecture with POWER8 processors and Pascal GPUs.
  • The second one, Frioul, is based on the INTEL KNL (Knights landing) « Manycore » processors and is hosted by CINES.

IDRIS is hosting the Ouessant machine, the OpenPOWER prototype, the fruit of a collaboration between IBM (POWER processor), NVIDIA (graphic accelerator) and Mellanox (InfiniBand network).