Disk Quotas


Group quotas guarantee equitable access to disk resources. This prevents the situation where one group of users consumes all of the disk space and prevents other groups from working. At IDRIS, the group quotas limit both the quantity of disk space and the number of files (in inodes) for each project. There is no limit imposed for each individual user of a group.

When one of the group quotas is reached, no more files can be created. Doing this could disturb the jobs being run by your group. Important: Editing a file when the quantity of disk space has reached its limits can bring the file size back to zero, thereby deleting the file contents.

How to know your current disk space consumption and quotas

The quota_u command allows obtaining the quotas and current consumption for the $HOME space. The -w option allows obtaining the same information for the $WORKDIR. The $TMPDIR space is not subjected to quotas.

  • The quota_u command displays the consumption for each user of the group. This consumption includes all the files belonging to a user even if they are not located in his/her personal spaces: for example, files created in the group shared spaces ($COMMONDIR) or located in personal spaces of other users. This consumption information is given to all the group members, and only to them, in order to allow them to inform a colleague of an apparent problem and also to permit the project manager to monitor the group.
  • Information from the quota_u command is not updated in real time: The date and hour of the update are displayed in the output header of the quota_u command.

When quotas are exceeded

No e-mail warning is sent to the group when it has exceeded the quota limit. However, you will be informed by an error message when you manipulate files in the concerned disk space (“disk quota exceeded”).

When you are blocked or becoming blocked :

  • Try to eliminate some files (you or the other members of your group).
  • Transfer your files into another space such as the Ada/Adapp or Turing $WORKDIR or into the HOME of the Ergon archive server.
  • The project manager (or designated replacement) may also make a request for a quota increase (with justifications) via the IDRIS Extranet.