Turing : The NetCDF library


NetCDF, a product of Unidata, is a library allowing the creation and manipulation of files using the NetCDF format. This format allows conserving and exchanging scientific data.

Installed versions

NetCDF 4.1.3


The NetCDF library is in a 64-bit addressing mode (addressing mode by default on Turing).


It is accessible through the module command (we advise you to read the documentation about ''module'' for further information) :

  module load netcdf


For increased portability, we advise you to use the Fortran 90 interface. The NetCDF variables and functions all begin with nf90_. The functions allow passing 4 or 8-byte integers/real numbers in argument without changing the function call.

The NetCDF library is accompanied by two utilities, ncdump and ncgen.


Some on-line manuals (mans) corresponding to the version used (netcdf, ncdump and ncgen) are available.

NetCDF website: http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf