Turing:  Creation of a file listing for the IBM compilers

The following options allow you to recuperate certain types of information, after the compilation has finished, in a file which has the same name as the compiled file but with the suffix .lst :

  • -qsource: source of the compiled program
  • -qattr[=full]: reference list of all the identifiers with their respective attributes
  • -qxref[=full]: cross-reference list of all the identifiers
  • -qlistopt: list of options activated during the compilation,
  • -qreport:  list of the transformations resulting from the optimisation or parallelisation (requires at least one of these two options: -qhot or -qsmp).
    • -qreport=smplist : to know how the program is parallelised
    • -qreport=hotlist : to know how the loops are transformed and optimised
  • -qlist : pseudo-code assembler.


$ mpixlf90_r -qsource -qlistopt prog.f90
$ mpixlc_r   -qxref=full -qlistopt source.c
$ mpixlcxx_r -qxref=full -qlistopt source.C