Turing: The HDF5 library


HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) is a format developed by the NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications).


Available versions:

  • 1.8.9 (default version)
  • 1.8.14

They are available on Blue Gene/Q in sequential and parallel versions.

The HDF5 functions can be called from programs written in C or Fortran.

The libraries are accessible with the module command.

module load hdf5/seq (sequential version)
module load hdf5/mpi (parallel version)


Example of compilation for the sequential version

$ module  load hdf5/seq
$ mpixlf90_r hdf_seq.f90 -o hdf_seq

In the /bglocal/cn/pub/zlib/1.2.5/lib directory, you will find the library used by HDF: libz.a.

Example of compilation for the parallel version

$ module load hdf5/mpi
$ mpixlf90_r hdf_par.f90 -o hdf_par