Turing: Safe file transfers with the Ergon archive server

mfget - File transfer from Ergon to Turing

Syntax of the mfget command:

  • mfget [-v] name_file
  • mfget [-v] name_file_ergon name_file_turing
  • mfget [-v] name_file_ergon1 name_file_ergon2 [name_file_ergon3 …] directory_turing

Example:  To copy the file f_mf which is located on the HOME of Ergon (under the name f_calcul) into the Turing directory $TMPDIR:

$ mfget f_mf $TMPDIR/f_calcul 

mfput - File transfer from Turing to Ergon

Syntax of the mfput command:

  • mfput [-v] name_file
  • mfput [-v] name_file_turing name_file_ergon
  • mfput [-v] name_file_turing1 name_file_turing2 [name_file_turing3 …] directory_ergon

Comment: The HOME space of Turing is named differently than that of Ergon.  Therefore, you must be careful NOT to encode in the following ways:

$ mfget $HOME/rep/fich_ergon

$ mfput fich_source $HOME/rep/fich_cible

Rather, you should encode as follows:

$ mfget rep/fich_ergon

$ mfput fich_source rep/fich_cible

For more information, we advise you to consult the manuals of these commands for the Turing machine. It is recommanded to gather a large number of files using the tar command before transfering them.