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Séminaire de l'IDRIS du 12 juin 2008

L'IDRIS organise, à partir de juin 2008, des séminaires sur le thème du Calcul de haute performance qui auront lieu dans ses locaux à Orsay. Le premier d'entre eux a eu lieu jeudi 12 juin 2008 de 10h30 à 12h :

Current HPC architectures and a little bit beyond


Utrech University, The Netherlands

For a long time there has been a struggle with regard to HPC systems : whether to use commodity parts to make the systems affordable or in some way to specialize to achieve a performance advantage over run-of-the-mill computers. Until recently the commodity trend seemed to have the upper hand but in the last few years there have been interested developments that in some way reverse or evade this trend. We will give a brief overview of current HPC architectures ans discuss some of the new developments that may help to speed up the applications of the Tflop-hungry HPC community.

Aad van der Steen heads the High Performance Computing Group at the Utrecht University, The Netherlands, and maintains since many years the EuroBen Benchmark ( and the well known annual report Overview of recent supercomputers (

La présentation faite par Aad VAN DER STEEN est disponible au format pdf.

L'annonce de ce séminaire sous forme d'un fichier pdf.