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Séminaire de l'IDRIS du 12 mars 2009

Ce séminaire de l'IDRIS a eu lieu jeudi 12 mars 2009 de 10h30 à 12h dans les locaux de l'IDRIS :

OpenMP 3.0: WHAT IS NEW?


The OpenMP Architecture Review Board released the new 3.0 specification last May after several years of work. This talk will present the main features that have been introduced to the language and how to use them by means of examples. In particular, the introduction of task parallelism has changed part of the underlying model of OpenMP. The addition of task parallelism to the language opens the possibility of using OpenMP in a number of new kinds of applications other than traditional scientific applications. The design and integration of this task parallelism was not made without difficult trade-offs. We will analyze the implications of these trade-offs for the OpenMP programmers through the use of several examples. These examples will show common problems of programming with tasks and their solutions.

Dr. Alex Duran is a Senior Researcher at the Programming Models group of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. He does research in runtime adaptive techniques for parallel languages. He is also a Compunity member in the OpenMP Language Committee.

La présentation faite au cours de ce séminaire est disponible au format  pdf

L'annonce de ce séminaire est également disponible sous forme d'un fichier pdf.