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Séminaire de l'IDRIS du 29 octobre 2009

Ce séminaire de l'IDRIS a eu lieu jeudi 29 octobre 2009 de 10h30 à 12h dans les locaux de l'IDRIS :

SynfiniWay: When GRID meets Cloud

Pierre LAGIER and Didier PLAINDOUX
Société Fujitsu

 With the advent of truly global organisations spanning multi-site, multi-country and multi-regions, business processes require the capability to operate over a dynamic and global scope of resources which are distributed across multiple business networks.
 The goal of
SynfiniWay is to address the key business drivers of the global enterprise and build a software environment that makes distributed and global IT infrastructures usable on a daily basis. To achieve this, SynfiniWay introduces an innovative way of utilizing the global information infrastructure as a platform for computation, data sharing, and collaboration to make distributed computing usable, comfortable, and effective. SynfiniWay supports global networks and business processes by combining key technologies within a single integrated framework. These include:
– High level meta-scheduling
– Support for complex business workflows
– Implicit point-to-point data movement throughout
– Uniform service oriented view of IT resources
– Single sign-on access to all authorised resources
– Distributed administration
– Dynamic resource discovery

Dr. Pierre Lagier is Technical Director at Fujitsu Systems Europe (FSE). He is involved in high performance computing technical activities in Europe in collaboration with Fujitsu Ltd. and Fujitsu Labs in Japan.
Dr. Didier Plaindoux is leading the R&D team at Fujitsu Systems Europe (FSE). He is in charge of the design and implementation of SynfiniWay. He was involved in the design of Fujitsu HPC programming environment “ParallelNavi-Workbench”.

La présentation donnée lors de ce séminaire est disponible au format pdf.

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