28/03/2024 - Jean Zay Extension: 1456 H100 GPUs to attain 125 PFlop/s

GENCI and the CNRS have chosen Eviden to make the Jean Zay supercomputer one of the most powerful machines in France.

Pursuant to the announcement made by the President of France during the VivaTech of June 2023, GENCI (Grand Equipement National de Calcul Intensif) and the CNRS (the National Centre for Scientific Research), under the aegis of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, have selected Eviden to supply a major extension to the capacities of the Jean Zay supercomputer, funded by the France 2030 programme.

This announcement marks a new step in AI sovereignty.

An official press release was published on the CNRS Website:

Here are the new characteristics of the Jean Zay supercomputer which will follow this extension:

Jean Zay 4 Page 1 Jean Zay 4 Page 2 Jean Zay 4 Page 3

Provisional timetable for the operational start dates of the Jean Zay H100 extension:

Calendrier Jean Zay 4