IDRIS training courses

IDRIS provides training courses destined to users of scientific computing. The courses are available to users of IDRIS resources as well as to those from academic and industrial domains. Most IDRIS courses are included in the CNRS continuing education catalogue CNRS Formation Entreprises, allowing enrollment from both the private and public sectors.

The training courses provided by IDRIS principally address the parallelization paradigms of MPI, OpenMP and hybrid MPI/OpenMP, the keystones for using today's supercomputers. In addition, courses are given on the Fortran and C scientific programming languages. A new training course was introduced in 2014 on the subject of large scale debugging (detection of progamming errors and fine-tuning of applications running on a large number of compute cores).

A catalogue of scheduled IDRIS training courses, regularly updated, is available on our web server:

Enrollment is free of charge for users affiliated with the CNRS (France's National Centre for Scientific Research) or with the French national education system. These users may enroll directly on our web server: IDRIS courses. All other users must enroll through CNRS Formation Entreprises.

IDRIS training course materials are available on line here.