Requesting computing hours at IDRIS

Requesting resource hours on Jean Zay is done via the eDARI portal, common to the three national computing centres: CINES, IDRIS and TGCC.

Before requesting any hours, we recommend that you consult the GENCI document (in French) detailing the conditions and eligibility criteria for obtaining computing hours.

For both Artificial Intelligence or HPC usage, you have been able to request computing resources at any time during the year via a single form on the eDARI portal. Your file will be Dynamic Access or Regular Access, depending on the number of hours you request. If the number of hours is less than or equal to 50 000 normalized GPU hours (1 A100 hour = 2 V100 hours = 2 normalized GPU hours) / 500 000 CPU hours, it will be Dynamic Access (AD). If the amount is larger than these values, your file will be Regular Access (AR). Important : Your request for resources is accumulative for the three national centres.

From your personal space (eDARI account) on the eDARI portal, you can:

  • Create a Dynamic or Regular access file.
  • Renew a Dynamic or Regular Access file.
  • Request the opening of a compute account, necessary to access the computing resources on Jean Zay. Consult the IDRIS document on Account management.

Dynamic Access (AD)

Requests for resources for Dynamic Access files may be made throughout the year and are renewable. The requests receive an expert assessment and are validated by the IDRIS director. The hours allocation is valid for one year beginning at the opening of the computing account on Jean Zay.

Regular Access (AR)

Two project calls for Regular Access are launched each year:

  • In January-February for an hours allocation from 1 May of the same year until 30 April of the following year.
  • In June-July for an hours allocation from 1 November of the current year until 31 October of the following year.

New Regular access files can be submitted throughout the year. They will receive an expert assessment during the biannual project call campaign whose closing date most immediately follows validation of the file by the project manager.

Renewal requests for Regular Access files, however, can only be submitted during a campaign, before its closure date, and will receive an expert assessment at that time. As information, the closure date for the A14 calls and A13 supplementary requests is the 14 February 2023.

Requests for supplementary hours ("au fil de l'eau")

Throughout the entire year you may request additional resources (demandes au fil de l'eau) on the eDARI portal for all existing projects (Dynamic Access or HPC Regular Access) which have used up their initial hours quotas during the year. The accumulated hours request for Dynamic Access files must remain inferior to the thresholds of 50 000 normalized GPU hours or 500 000 CPU hours.


Two documentation resources are available:

  • IDRIS documentation to assist you in completing each of these formalities via the eDARI portal.
  • The GENCI document (in French, detailing the procedures for access to the national resources).