Requesting resource hours at IDRIS

Requesting resource hours for IDRIS machines is done via the DARI site which is common to the three national computing centres, CINES, IDRIS and TGCC:

The campaign for submission of requests for the A7 allocation and requests for A6 complementary hours is open until 10 a.m. Monday, 9 September 2019.

This project call is for the following allocations:

  • The A7 hours allocation, accessible to renewed projects of the A5 allocation and to projects from anterior allocations which have not already been renewed. These hours will be usable during one year, from beginning-November 2019 to end-October 2020.
  • The A6 complementary hours allocation, accessible only to projects having obtained hours in the A6 allocation. These hours will be usable during 6 months, from beginning-November 2019 to end-April 2020.

For more detailed information, see the GENCI explanatory document: "modalités d'accès" (in French).

Throughout the entire year, you may request the following resources (using the DARI site

  • Supplementary resources as needed (“demandes au fil de l'eau”): For existing projects which have used up their quota of hours during the year.
  • Preparatory access (“accès préparatoire”): This type of request was introduced to assist in the porting, optimisation and parallelization of compute codes. The requests are examined by IDRIS which, if needed, will ask for advice from the president of the thematic committee relative to the project. If approved, the quota of hours which could then be allocated consists of:
    • 50 000 core hours on Jean Zay CPU
    • 1 000 GPU hours on Jean Zay GPU (dedicated to the usual access process)
    • 1 250 node hours on the Ouessant prototype