Requesting resource hours at IDRIS

Requesting resource hours for IDRIS machines is done via the DARI site which is common to the three national computing centres, CINES, IDRIS and TGCC:

The campaign for the submission of requests for the A6 allocation closed on Thursday, 7 February 2019.

This A6 call for projects was for the following allocations:

  • The A6 hours allocation: Accessible to projects having submitted a request for the A4 allocation (or before) and to new projects. These hours are usable during one year, from beginning-May 2019 to end-April 2020.
  • The A5 complementary hours allocation: Accessible to projects having obtained hours in the A5 allocation. These hours will be usable during 6 months, from beginning-May 2019 to end-October 2020.

For more detailed information, see the GENCI explanatory document: Attribution d'heures de calcul.

In addition, throughout the year, you have the possibility of requesting the following resources (using the DARI site

  • Supplementary resources as needed (“demandes au fil de l'eau”) for existing projects which have used up their quota of hours during the year.
  • Preparatory access (“accès préparatoire”) for users who do not have an existing project at IDRIS or those who have a project on only one of the computing machines (Turing or Ada).
    After a request for preparatory access is approved, the resources accorded are 50 000 hours on Turing and/or 15 000 hours on Ada.
    Access is granted for a period of 6 months beginning at the account(s) opening.

Complete information for submitting requests for hours allocations is found on the DARI help page.