IDRIS: Extranet

Web Server Address

Who may access this service?

  • Users who have an account (login) on Jean Zay.
  • The Project Manager (or replacement person) who does not have an account on Jean Zay can use the eDARI portal to request an account in his/her name.

Site Contents

This site permits you (the user) to:

  • Consult your personal or project data at IDRIS.  Information is updated nightly.
  • Know the total and monthly amounts of CPU and GPU hours which have been consumed by each user of a project.
  • Request a change in your electronic address, telephone and/or fax number.
  • Consult the IDRIS User Committee (CU) pages.
  • Subscribe to the “Info-machines” mailing list.

For all modifications in your postal address, it is necessary to submit an FGC form, since it is the address to which new passwords are sent.

How to access Extranet

Authorised machines

  • Extranet can only be reached from machines which have been registered in the IDRIS filters.

Username and password for Extranet

  • The username is your IDRIS login.
  • The specific password for Extranet must be generated on jean-zay or jean-zay-pp with the command passextranet.
  • The password must contain:
    • A minimum of 10 characters:  These characters must be 7-bit printable type, that is, they must be contained in the basic ASCII table (for example, no accentuated characters).
    • At least 3 lower-case letters.
    • At least 2 upper-case letters.
    • At least 2 numbers.
  • After creating the password you may have to wait up to 15 minutes before you will be able to login into the extranet.

If you have forgotten your extranet password, it can be regenerated on jean-zay or jean-zay-pp with the command passextranet at any time.