Registration of user machines in the IDRIS network filters

Each laboratory director must designate one (or maximally two) people who will be responsible for establishing and maintaining a list of the laboratory machines registered at IDRIS. The name of this person, called the “IP list manager” (or network correspondant), is indicated to IDRIS on the FGC (administration form for login accounts). This form should also be used to inform IDRIS of any change in the designated IP list manager.

Every remote computer from which a user wishes to access an IDRIS computer must be registered at IDRIS with its name and IP address by completing the FCCU form. Only permanent IP addresses which are accessible from the exterior are acceptable. Attention: Personal IP addresses are not authorised to connect to IDRIS machines.

Machine registration must be renewed each year by the IP list manager (see section below).

Important: All forms must be transmitted to the IDRIS secretariat following the method indicated here.

Add, modify or remove a machine

Add a machine: A new machine has just arrived at your laboratory and you would like to use this machine to access the IDRIS computers and servers.

  • If your laboratory has already declared other machines, you simply need to contact your laboratory IP list manager. A completed and signed FGC form must be submitted to IDRIS.
  • If none of the machines in your laboratory has previously been declared at IDRIS, an FGC form must also be submitted in which the laboratory directory indicates the name(s) of the IP list manager.

Modify information about a registered machine: The IP list manager must complete the FGC form and tick the box “modify”.

Remove a machine from the IDRIS filters: The IP list manager must submit an FGC form indicating “SUP” in the “Type” column and ticking the box “modify”.

Request for machine registration renewal annually

Before 15 January of each year, the laboratory IP list manager must transmit to IDRIS an FGC form with an up-to-date list of all the machines for all the laboratory projects.

How to obtain temporary access to IDRIS machines from a foreign country

A declared user may request temporary access authorisation to IDRIS machines from a foreign country by completing and signing the 2nd box on the reverse side of the FGC form. A temporary ssh access to the IDRIS machines will then be accorded.