Account management: opening and closing of accounts

Opening a user account

When a project has been approved and obtained hours on one of the IDRIS computers, it is given an identifying “project number”.
Each user in the project must request the opening of his/her account. There is no automatic or implicit account opening.

For a new project

  • If you don't have an account currently opened at IDRIS:

Each individual person who asks for an account opening for the first time at IDRIS must complete the User Login Creation Form (FCCU).

Attention: In application of the regulatory measures for the protection of the national scientific and technical potential (PPST), the creation of a new account may require a French ministerial (MESR) authorisation. The decision whether to pursue this authorisation is made by the IDRIS Director or the CNRS Defence and Security Officer. In this case, a personal communication will be transmitted to the project manager and the concerned user(s) in order to begin implementation of the required procedure. The processing period at the ministry may take up to ten weeks.

  • If you already have an account at IDRIS for another project:

If all your information concerning this account remains valid (laboratory, e-mail address, telephone numbers, etc.), all you have to do is submit an Administration Form for Login Accounts (FGC), completing only the section: “Opening of a supplementary user account for an existing project”.

For a project renewal

Accounts existing on previously accessible computing machines are automatically carried over from one allocation session (project call) to the next.

  • If your account is open and the project has been granted hours in the following allocation session on the same machines, you do not need to re-apply.
  • If an attribution of hours is granted on a computing machine to which the renewed project did NOT have access during the previous allocation, all the users of this project must request the opening of an account on this new machine by using the FGC form (section: “Opening of a supplementary user account for an existing project”).

Moreover, the FGC form may also be used to make necessary modifications on an existing account (addition/removal of IP addresses or changes in postal address, phone number, employer, etc.).

How to transmit forms to IDRIS

All forms must be transmitted to IDRIS by e-mail to the following address: .

Closure of a user account

An account can only exist as “open” or “closed”:

  • Open. In this case, it is possible to:
    • Submit pre- and post-processing jobs on Adapp.
    • Submit bonus jobs on the compute machines if the project still has remaining bonus hours (cf. the last lines of the 'cpt' command output).
    • Submit jobs on the compute machines if the project's current hours allocation has not been exhausted (cf. 'cpt' command output).
  • Closed. In this case, the user can no longer connect. An e-mail notification is sent to the project manager and to the user when the account is being closed.

Attention: After an account is closed, the files can be deleted at any time by IDRIS.

Account closure per request of project manager

A project manager request for account closure is done via the FGC form.
It is the responsibility of the project manager to close the account of a project member who is no longer working on the subject matter of the project or who, having changed employer, is no longer paid by a French research organisation (cf. GENCI hours allocation, section 3, “Conditions d’éligibilité” Note de Cadrage).


  • The request for account closure concerns all the machines for which this account is open.
  • Account closure will result in the destruction of all the account files by IDRIS after an undefined time delay.
  • Only the project manager has the possibility of requesting the copying of these files to another account (to be indicated on the FGC form).
    It is indispensable, therefore, to verify that the available space is sufficient for the copies (project disk quotas on the servers).
  • Whether the files are copied to another account or not, only the project manager may request that the account files be immediately destroyed during the account closure to, for example, liberate the disk quotas (request “immediate purge” on the FGC form).

Account closure by IDRIS

Account closure of an unrenewed project

When a GENCI project is not renewed, the following procedure is applied on the date of project expiration (regardless of the project's lifespan):

  • DARI or bonus hours are no longer available. The project accounts can no longer submit jobs on the computing machines (except Adapp); the accounts, however, remain open.
  • Three months later, all the project accounts on all the servers will be closed.

File recovery, by transferring the files to a local laboratory machine, is the responsibility of the user during the three months which follow the end of an unrenewed project. Example: For an unrenewed project finishing in November, no hours are available on 1 December and the accounts are permanently closed in February. This same procedure applies to projects which are not renewed in May.

Account closure following expiry of the ministerial access authorisation for IDRIS computer resources

The first notification of impending expiry is sent to the user 90 days before the expiry date and a second notification is sent 70 days before the expiry. The account is closed on the expiry date. To avoid account closure, the user is advised to submit a newly completed FCCU form as soon as receiving the first notification so that IDRIS may begin processing a prolongation request.

Account closure for security reasons

An account may be closed at any moment by decision of the IDRIS management.