The HPC User Support Team (SU-HPC)

The High Performance Computing (HPC) User Support Team is composed of 11 engineers and, in conjunction with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) User Support Team, forms the privileged interface between IDRIS and its users. Its mission consists of helping researchers to most effectively use the supercomputing resources available at IDRIS.

With this objective, the following services are provided as a support base to users:

  • User support via e-mail and telephone communications
  • A Web site ( developed as a knowledge base for IDRIS users
  • Installation and maintenance of software applications and scientific libraries

These services are jointly provided by the HPC and AI user support teams, allowing them to pool their efforts to the extent possible in order to take advantage of the numerous points of convergence between HPC and AI in using the computing resources.

Furthermore, the HPC User Support Team offers training courses about programming languages (Fortran, C), the paradigms of code parallelisation (MPI, OpenMP and OpenACC for the GPU architectures), specific trainings (debugging, vectorisation, PETSc library) and henceforth, also a general workshop for code porting and optimisation on the Jean Zay machine. The complete catalogue is available on the Web site: IDRIS training courses.

In addition to direct support and training, the HPC User Support Team can also offer more in-depth assistance with code porting (parallelisation, GPU porting, vectorisation, optimisation, code coupling) in view of the scalability of the applications. This can take place through IDRIS advanced support for applications but also through European projects (PRACE).

Moreover, the HPC User Support Team assures a technology watch for high performance computing, notably realizing test benches for new architectures.

The HPC User Support Team:

To contact a member of the IDRIS personnel by e-mail, compose the address in this way: