The systems/operations/infrastructure Team

A group of 13 people with the following missions:

  • Ensure the continuous smooth functioning of the IDRIS supercomputers including oversight of the outsourced “level 2 systems support” and “level 1 exploitation support” which provides 24/7 detection and follow-up of material and software incidents.
  • Install and manage the institute's different computation servers, files and pre-/post-processing servers.
  • Manage the global architecture of the intensive computing environment by optimising the integration of all the machines, thereby ensuring their interoperability.
  • Manage and optimise the integration of the IDRIS supercomputers into the PRACE European infrastructures and collaborate in consolidating the smooth functioning of these infrastructures.
  • Participate in determining the specifications for new services including the software development necessary to their implementations at both national and European levels.
  • Ensure the follow-up and evolution of building and technical infrastructures in order to accomodate the hosting of new configurations or new services.

The team members :

Philippe COLLINET Manager: Systems and Operations team
Rafael MEDEIROS Deputy manager: Infrastructures

The systems group:


To contact a member of the IDRIS personnel by e-mail, compose the electronic address as follows: