Jean Zay: The PETSc library


PETSc is a library of functions written in C (but also offering a Fortran interface) allowing the handling of dense and sparse vectors and matrices, and resolution of the corresponding linear systems (often linked to partial differential equations) with direct or iterative solvers. Additionally, PETSc offers non-linear solvers, methods for solving differential equations and many other tools. Finally, PETSc also allows using external libraries.

Installed versions

Different versions are installed on Jean Zay using real or complex numbers, with several external libraries such as MUMPS, HYPRE, ScaLAPACK, METIS, ParMETIS, …:

  • petsc/3.11.3/intel-19.0.4-mpi: Version using real numbers compiled with Intel 19.0.4
  • petsc/3.11.3/intel-19.0.4-mpi-complex: Version using real and complex numbers compiled with Intel 19.0.4

It is also possible to add complementary external libraries to PETSc. To do this, contact the User Support Team.


The library is accessible with the module command:

$ module load petsc/3.11.3/intel-19.0.4-mpi 

To know which versions are installed on the machine:

module avail petsc