Jean Zay: The Trilinos library


Trilinos offers algorithms and technologies in an object-oriented software framework for the solution of large-scale complex engineering and scientific problems. A unique characteristic of Trilinos is its focus on packages, intended to be used as building blocks for the development of scientific applications.

Installed versions

  • trilinos/12-18-1-mpi: Version with the Intel 19.0.4 compiler

Installed packages

Trilinos was compiled with a large range of stable packages compatible with the installed version. The following packages are available and can be used with each version of Trilinos:

Amesos, Amesos2, Anasazi, AztecOO, Belos, Epetra, EpetraExt, Galeri, GlobiPack, Gtest, Ifpack, Ifpack2, 
Intrepid, Intrepid2, Isorropia, Kokkos, KokkosAlgorithms, KokkosContainers, KokkosCore, KokkosKernels, ML,
MueLu, NOX, OptiPack, Pamgen, Phalanx, Piro, ROL, RTOp, Rythmos, Sacado, SEACAS, SEACASAlgebra, 
SEACASAprepro, SEACASAprepro_lib, SEACASBlot, SEACASConjoin, SEACASEjoin, SEACASEpu, SEACASEx1ex2v2, 
SEACASEx2ex1v2, SEACASExo2mat, SEACASExodiff, SEACASExodus, SEACASExodus_for, SEACASExo_format, 
SEACASExoIIv2for32, SEACASExomatlab, SEACASExotxt, SEACASFastq, SEACASGen3D, SEACASGenshell, SEACASGjoin, 
SEACASGrepos, SEACASGrope, SEACASIoss, SEACASMapvar, SEACASMapvar-kd, SEACASMapvarlib, SEACASMat2exo, 
SEACASSuplibCpp, SEACASSVDI, SEACASTxtexo, Shards, ShyLU, ShyLUCore, STK, STKExprEval, STKIO, STKMesh, 
STKSearch, STKSimd, STKTopology, STKTransfer, STKUnit_tests, STKUnit_test_utils, STKUtil, Stokhos, 
Stratimikos, Teko, Tempus, Teuchos, TeuchosComm, TeuchosCore, TeuchosKokkosComm, TeuchosKokkosCompat, 
TeuchosNumerics, TeuchosParameterList, TeuchosRemainder, ThreadPool, Thyra, ThyraCore, ThyraEpetraAdapters, 
ThyraEpetraExtAdapters, ThyraTpetraAdapters, Tpetra, TpetraClassic, TpetraCore, TpetraTSQR, TrilinosSS, 
Triutils, Xpetra, Zoltan, Zoltan2

It is also possible to add complementary packages to Trilinos. To do this, contact the User Support Team.


The library is accessible with the module command:

$ module load trilinos/12-18-1-mpi  

To know which versions are installed on the machine:

module avail trilinos