A job is interrupted due to a technical problem: Is a reimbursement possible?

Each project benefits from bonus hours via the possibility of consuming up to 125 % of the allocated hours. With this measure, you can compensate for the loss of a low number of hours without having to specifically request more hours. Nevertheless, it is possible to request supplementary hours :

  • Either by requesting supplementary resources as needed («au fil de l'eau»): This request may be made as soon as your HPC or AI project has an hours allocation in progress.
  • Or by requesting a complement of hours for a period of six months: This can be requested midway through your Regular Access (HPC) allocation.

Naturally, these requests must be justified; for example, by mentioning the tickets opened with the IDRIS support team and linked to the loss of hours due to technical problems. These requests should be made via the DARI homepage as indicated in our documentation regarding requesting resource hours. If the loss of hours exceeds 5 % of the allocation, a reimbursement is possible. In this case, it is necessary to open a ticket with the support team.