What is the maximum limit for job duration?

The maximum duration for jobs on Jean Zay is 100 hours except for the A100 partition which is limited to 20 hours.

To launch jobs exceeding 20 hours, you must select:

  • The qos_cpu-t4 QoS (Quality of Service) for CPU jobs by indicating #SBATCH –qos=qos_cpu-t4 in your job.
  • Or the qos_gpu-t4 QoS for the GPU jobs by indicating #SBATCH –qos=qos_gpu-t4 in your job.

You will find more complete details on using these two QoS in the following pages : CPU QoS and GPU QoS.

Comment : With the above QoS, your jobs risk waiting a longer time before starting because they have a lower priority and the number of compute nodes attributed to jobs with more than 20 hours is limited.