PRACE Projects (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe)

IDRIS has been regularly involved in several European PRACE projects of the sort “SHAPE” or “Preparatory Access”. Here is a list of some recent projects with the associated white paper and/or project description:

  • Open Ocean: High Performance Processing Chain - faster on-line statistics calculation, Open Ocean company (Brest, France): description, white paper (2015)
  • DemocraSIM: Enable Air Quality Simulation as Commodity, AmpliSIM company (Paris, France): description, white paper (2016)
  • Development of Chameleon Monte Carlo Code for HPC: Toward Realistic Modelling of Complex Composite Systems, Scienomics company (Paris,France): description, white paper(2018)
  • Load Balancing of Molecular Properties Calculations In VeloxChem Program : description (2020)
  • RF Solver on Multi GPUs, Open Engineering company (Liege, Belgium): description, white paper (2021)
  • Drug discovery and Development, Integrative Biocomputing company (Chantepie, France):descriptif (2021)
  • Space Capsule Aerothermodynamic Database, Ingénierie et Systèmes Avancés company (Cestas, France):descriptif (2021)