Jean Zay: The ARPACK and PARPACK libraries


ARPACK (ARnoldi PACKage) is a library of Fortran77 subroutines for researching the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of large sparse matrices. The library is based on the iterative algorithms of Lanczos/Arnoldi.

PARPACK (Parallel ARnoldi PACKage) is a parallel version of the ARPACK library.

ARPACK and PARPACK are available in the ARPACK-NG package.

Installed versions

  • arpack-ng 3.7.0 with the gcc-8.2.0-mpi compiler
  • arpack-ng 3.7.0 with the gcc-9.1.0-mpi compiler
  • arpack-ng 3.7.0 with the intel-19.0.4-mpi compiler


You may access the different versions by using the module command. To use the default version, enter the following:

$ module load arpack-ng/3.7.0/intel-19.0.4-mpi


At the compilation, it is necessary to add '-larpack' to use the sequential version or '-lparpack -larpack' for the parallel version:

$ mpiifort appel_arpack.f90 -larpack  


$ mpiifort appel_parpack.f90 -lparpack -larpack