Jean Zay : Performance Reports


ARM Performance Reports is a performance analysis tool. The sampling can be done very simply in command line and produces result files in various formats (text, HTML).


You can access different versions of Performance Reports with the module command:

$ module av arm-forge
  arm-forge/19.1.1  arm-forge/20.1.2  arm-forge/20.2.1

In order to use the 20.2.1 version, it is necessary to execute a command such as :

$ module load arm-forge/20.2.1

Once the module is loaded, usage of Performance Reports is realized in two steps:

  1. Execution of the application via the command perf-report ;
  2. Analysis/visualisation of results in a chosen writing format:
    1. With a text editor (batch job output file)
    2. Or, using a Web browser (HTML file)


Execution could be made in interactive mode or in batch mode, using the perf-report command :

$ module load arm-forge/20.2.1
$ perf-report srun my_exe

Visualisation/Analysis of results

Performance Reports writes a file in HTML format and a file in text format at the end of the execution of your program.