Jean Zay: Using the NVIDIA/PGI compilation system for C/C++ and Fortran

The various NVIDIA and PGI compiler versions available on Jean Zay may be activated through the module command.

Example of loading:

$ module avail pgi nvidia-compilers
--------------------- /gpfslocalsup/pub/module-rh/modulefiles ---------------------
pgi/19.10  pgi/20.1  pgi/20.4
--------------------- /gpfslocalsup/pub/module-rh/modulefiles ---------------------
nvidia-compilers/20.7   nvidia-compilers/21.7  nvidia-compilers/23.9
nvidia-compilers/20.9   nvidia-compilers/21.9  nvidia-compilers/23.11
nvidia-compilers/20.11  nvidia-compilers/22.5  nvidia-compilers/24.3
nvidia-compilers/21.3   nvidia-compilers/22.9
nvidia-compilers/21.5   nvidia-compilers/23.1
$ module load nvidia-compilers/24.3
$ module list
Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
  1) nvidia-compilers/24.3

Summary of the compilation commands for Fortran, C and C++:

  • NVIDIA compilers:
Language Command Extensions of the source files
C nvc .c, .i
C++ nvc++ .C, .cxx, c++, .cc, .cpp
Fortran nvfortran .f, .F, .FOR, .F90, .F95, .f90, .f95
CUDA-Fortran nvfortran .cuf, .CUF
  • PGI compilers:
Language Command Extensions of the source files
C pgcc .c, .i
C++ pgc++ .C, .cxx, c++, .cc, .cpp
Fortran pgfortran, pgf77, pgf95 .f, .F, .FOR, .F90, .F95, .f90, .f95
CUDA-Fortran pgfortran, pgf95 .cuf, .CUF

Examples of generating executable files

$ nvc prog.c -o prog
$ nvc++ prog.cpp -o prog
$ nvfortran prog.f90 -o prog