Jean Zay: The CUDA Toolkit library (CuFFT, CuBLAS, CuSPARSE, CuSOLVER, ...)


The CUDA Toolkit offers a development environment and a set of scientific libraries to create accelerated applications by GPUs. This environment includes highly optimised and accelerated functions via GPU for linear algebra and scientific applications such as BLAS, Fast Fourier Transforms, etc.

Some of the mathematical and linear algebra libraries provided by the CUDA Toolkit:

  • CuBLAS (CUDA Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines): Standard BLAS library accelerated by GPUs.
  • CuSPARSE: linear algebra functions accelerated by GPUs for operations on sparse matrices.
  • CuFFT (CUDA Fast Fourier Transform): FFT accelerated by GPUs.
  • CuSOLVER: Solvers based on direct methods for dense and sparse systems.


The CUDA Toolkit is accessible via the module command. For example:

$ module load cuda/10.0

Installed versions

It is possible to find the versions installed on Jean Zay via the module avail command:

$ module avail cuda


After the CUDA module is loaded, at the compilation it is necessary to specify which library is used by specifying the appropriate option:

  • -lcublas for CuBLAS,
  • -lcufft or -lcufftw for CuFFT,
  • -lcusparse for CuSPARSE,
  • -lcusolver for CuSOLVER.

The usage of static versions requires adding the suffix _static:
For example, -lcublas_static to use the static version of CuBLAS.