Jean Zay: The NCO operators


NCO (NetCDF Operator) is a group of tools called operators which are applied to files in NetCDF format. These operators are the following:

ncap2     ncatted     ncdiff     ncecat     ncks     ncra     ncrename
nces      ncbo        ncflint    ncpdq      ncrcat   ncwa     ncpdq

Versions installed

To see which versions are available at IDRIS, use the module command:

$ module avail nco
-------------- /gpfslocalsup/pub/modules-idris-env4/modulefiles/linux-rhel7-x86_64 --------------

To have more information about a certain version:

$ module help nco/4.8.1
Module Specific Help for /gpfslocalsup/pub/modules-idris-env4/modulefiles/linux-rhel7-x86_64/nco/4.8.1:

The NCO toolkit manipulates and analyzes data stored in netCDF-
accessible formats

Available software environment(s):
- intel-compilers/19.0.4
- gcc/4.8.5

If you want to use this module with another software environment, 
please contact the support team.


The different versions are accessed via the module command.

To add the Path to your environment:

$ module load nco/4.8.1


  • man nco or directly the man of an operator