New user : I received my Jean Zay login but I still can't connect to the machine. Why?

There are three probable reasons which can explain the situation.

  • You have very recently received the e-mail of account creation and you are trying to connect from a declared machine. However, as indicated in the e-mail, there remains another step in the procedure before you can connect : We must attach to your login the IP addresses that you have declared.
    This step usually takes one business day. You should be able to connect the following day after 5 p.m.

  • You are trying to connect from a machine for which you have not declared the IP address. You must establish your connection via a machine with a declared IP address or request adding the IP address of the machine from which you want to connect by using the FGC form.
    Important: We only accept fixed institutional IP addresses.

  • One time per week, on average, we carry out maintenance operations which are announced on the IDRIS Web site: On the home page, click on the drop-down menu entitled « For users » and then on "Machine availability". It is generally not possible to connect during these maintenance sessions.

Apart from one of these problems, please contact the User Support Team () and include what the ssh -vvv … command displays.